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These are the answers to the commonly asked questions. If you have a question that is not here, you may send us an email.

If you hired a TFW with an approved Labour Market Impact Assessment, you need to follow the median wage as per the job bank. Please see the link, https://www.jobbank.gc.ca/wagereport/occupation/17171.

30 hours per week is the minimum number of hours to sponsor a full-time caregiver.

Live in is not mandatory if you do not have an extra bedroom in the house, the caregiver must have an option to do live out if she wished to.

Absolutely! Housekeeping duties are part of a Nanny’s task aside from looking after the well-being of your children. When time permits, housekeeping can follow.

Yes, vacation pay is mandatory and is 4% of her annual gross income.

Depends on the frequency you choose. Others may choose the following:
• biweekly, which is 26 pay periods in a year,
• semi monthly which is 24 pay period in a year,
• or monthly which is 12 months period in a year
• weekly, which is 52 weeks pay period in a year

I advise for you to talk to your caregiver first and ask what her pay preference is. Employers mostly use the biweekly or semi-monthly frequency pay.

If things did not really work out, you may break the contract, but you must give at least 2 weeks’ notice to your Nanny that you are going to release her or vise versa.

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