Committed to finding the best qualified and experienced Home Care Providers, Nursing Aides, Housekeeping Room Attendants, other professional and labour jobs.

We have been providing the best home care providers since 2006.

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Who We Are

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We are a registered placement agency providing local and overseas home care providers to Canadian Families that operates based in Toronto, Ontario Canada since 2006.

YAYA 911 has been providing the best home care providers in town. The desire to understand the daily needs of each family is one of our main goals as we are fully committed to finding the best qualified and experienced caregivers.


What We Do

Personal Home Visit

We visit you in the comfort of your home to better assist and explain to you in details of what you are about to expect in hiring a home care provider.

LMIA Documentation

We assist you with your LMIA documentation if you decided to hire a TFW locally that still need sponsorship.

Payroll & Tax Assistance

We assist you with payroll pay stubs, T4 slips for employees & employers, caregiver's payroll deposits, Payroll gross calculations, tax remittance monthly, and more.

WSIB Registration

To protect both employee and employer in terms of an injury or illness that may happens on the job, we will assist you with your WSIB registration.

Facilitate Interview Process

We facilitate the interview process with our successful applicants as per your needs.

Applicants Screening

Screening through applicants' resumes thoroughly, from the applicant’s qualification background, experience, and finding the closest match as per the job description.

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How It Works

We have our own unique ways of looking for the right match between Caregiver and Employer. We make sure that we find the perfect match for your needs.


Contact Our Team

Fill out the form and we will start looking the perfect fit for you.


We Find Your Perfect Match

We’ll match you with perfect caregiver for your need.


Personal Visit

Our Home Care Provider specialist will visit you and discuss further the steps in hiring the caregiver.

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What People Say

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We Are Hiring

We are looking for a dedicated Filipino nanny who is caring, helpful, and loving towards our children, creating a warm and supportive environment for them to thrive. The primary focus of this role is the care and development of our children, nurturing their growth and instilling Filipino values and…
We are seeking a nurturing and responsible nanny to care for our 1-year-old child and provide drop-off and pick-up services for our 3.5-year-old from kindergarten. As both parents are surgeons with early morning start times and long hours, we require additional support to ensure our children are well cared…
We are in need of a dedicated and flexible nanny to assist with childcare and household chores for our five children, aged 12, 10, 7, 5, and 5. As a working parent, I require someone who can provide support and care for our children in a nurturing and responsible…

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What Is New

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Increased Flexibility in Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Great News! Changes to the program under RNIP, candidates will no longer have to obtain work experience over a continuous period if they can show a total of one year accumulated of 1560 hours eligible experience in the last 3 years prior to their application.

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Median Wage Increase Across Canada

The median wage of Home Support Workers, Housekeepers, and related occupations of NOC 4412 has been updated on December 11th of 2020 for all regions across Canada.

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