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We are looking for a dedicated Filipino nanny who is caring, helpful, and loving towards our children, creating a warm and supportive environment for them to thrive. The primary focus of this role is the care and development of our children, nurturing their growth and instilling Filipino values and language.  As working parents managing both our business and family, we understand the need for an extra pair of hands to ensure the well-being of our children and the smooth running of our household.

In addition to childcare responsibilities, some light cleaning and laundry duties will be required to help maintain the household. We believe that having a nanny who shares our cultural background and values will enhance our children’s upbringing and strengthen their connection to their Filipino heritage.

If you are a compassionate and dedicated individual who is passionate about childcare and eager to share Filipino culture with our children, we welcome you to join our family. Your support will be invaluable in helping us balance our professional and family responsibilities, and we appreciate the positive impact you will have on our children’s lives.

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